Choirfire Visits ABH!


A team from Torchgrab Ministries/Torch Life Church in the Denver, Colorado, area came to Aggie’s Baby Home in March of 2017. Members of Choirfire (a branch of Torchgrab Ministries led by Claudia Porter) plus other friends of ABH (dancers, teachers, and coaches) united to serve the children. Daily worship songs, Bible verses, crafts and hands on activities were shared with the children. Dance lessons, music lessons on violin, and penny whistles as well as sports training and playtime filled each day as well. What a blessing to share the love of God and the gospel message in word and deed. This was the first large group to stay in the guest home and bring love to minister spirit, soul and body to the children.

Pictured below: ABH children enjoying their first birthday party celebration with individual gifts and a giant cake!

IMG_9791             IMG_9811

“The children and staff at Aggie’s Baby Home are the sweetest! God is doing amazing things there. My heart melted every time I heard them laugh and chatter as we played with them. I wish I was still there holding them! The children there desperately need you and your love for them. You will be changed forever and will never be the same. I highly recommend you visit Aggie’s Baby Home and experience the joy of the ABH children!” ~Kaila Busby, Choifire Member

IMG_0336The team also volunteered at New Hope, teaching classes, facilitating sports activities, as well as presenting dances, songs and testimonies at the New Hope weekly chapel. SO many new friends were made that changed hearts forever. Each team member fell in love with the wonderful staff and children of ABH and New Hope. They will endeavor to spread the opportunity to friends and family at home to be a part of this love mission.

Chapel for New Hope

Story by Liza Hein:

“The stage of cold concrete stretched before Hannah, Naomi, and I, the dirt that covered it turned our shoes from pale pink to dusty red. The lyrics of Meredith Andrew’s Strong God filled the air as we danced for the precious orphans seated wide eyed before us: “Father to the fatherless, defender of the weak, freedom for the prisoner… There is no stronger than our God.” As the music built, unstoppable joy poured through us allowing dance unlike anything I had ever felt. “You’re our healer, our defender, our deliverer. There is no one like our God…” Part way through the song is a choreographed time of worship. Reaching this part of the dance, I realized that I was shaking from both exertion and joy. I dropped to my knees on the hard floor, unable to stand in the presence of our Strong God and his beautiful children. At this point, those watching us were on their feet, joining in our worship. The room was soon filled with voices, and expressions of love were seen on each face. It was a glimpse of heaven.”

Though Choirfire was only at ABH for a short period, the impact they made through their dance, music, and joy was long lasting. You can join in the amazing work the Lord is doing at Aggie’s Baby Home!

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